Commercial and Military and Private Vehicles and their Accessories and Components$147,063,165,223.26
Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$129,770,945,397.65
Building and Construction and Maintenance Services$52,275,268,351.39
Politics and Civic Affairs Services$42,262,402,132.14
Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications$40,058,904,427.26
Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services$38,434,144,570.72
Healthcare Services$35,471,761,682.02
Defense and Law Enforcement and Security and Safety Equipment and Supplies$21,968,922,277.95
Education and Training Services$16,689,512,048.35
Transportation and Storage and Mail Services$13,399,686,101.76
Public Utilities and Public Sector Related Services$8,703,312,344.51
Travel and Food and Lodging and Entertainment Services$8,303,216,206.59
Structures and Building and Construction and Manufacturing Components and Supplies$8,224,025,884.88
Fuels and Fuel Additives and Lubricants and Anti corrosive Materials$6,512,145,256.28
Personal and Domestic Services$4,079,309,679.14
National Defense and Public Order and Security and Safety Services$3,891,974,468.91
Financial and Insurance Services$3,794,793,899.00
Editorial and Design and Graphic and Fine Art Services$3,084,248,059.49
Drugs and Pharmaceutical Products$2,627,786,438.85
Chemicals including Bio Chemicals and Gas Materials$2,318,008,214.65
Environmental Services$2,107,947,925.50
Electrical Systems and Lighting and Components and Accessories and Supplies$1,708,080,935.20
Industrial Cleaning Services$1,642,695,561.59
Electronic Components and Supplies$1,622,091,512.90
Building and Construction Machinery and Accessories$1,560,972,425.52
Manufacturing Components and Supplies$1,536,374,639.73
Apparel and Luggage and Personal Care Products$1,395,368,381.97
Laboratory and Measuring and Observing and Testing Equipment$1,394,284,905.26
Medical Equipment and Accessories and Supplies$1,325,370,229.24
Farming and Fishing and Forestry and Wildlife Contracting Services$1,309,880,801.04
Material Handling and Conditioning and Storage Machinery and their Accessories and Supplies$1,138,557,351.43
Office Equipment and Accessories and Supplies$1,051,507,598.27
Power Generation and Distribution Machinery and Accessories$1,026,821,133.23
Industrial Production and Manufacturing Services$983,455,531.22
Furniture and Furnishings$789,560,872.23
Musical Instruments and Games and Toys and Arts and Crafts and Educational Equipment and Materials and Accessories and Supplies$784,295,885.64
Food and Beverage Products$735,231,269.58
Published Products$671,132,182.26
Industrial Manufacturing and Processing Machinery and Accessories$624,240,044.40
Paper Materials and Products$523,798,003.80
Printing and Photographic and Audio and Visual Equipment and Supplies$432,050,600.48
Mineral and Textile and Inedible Plant and Animal Materials$366,258,684.02
Tools and General Machinery$341,636,465.46
Organizations and Clubs$317,935,634.48
Service Industry Machinery and Equipment and Supplies$314,914,466.13
Domestic Appliances and Supplies and Consumer Electronic Products$302,803,855.61
Distribution and Conditioning Systems and Equipment and Components$285,289,072.33
Cleaning Equipment and Supplies$164,538,623.05
Sports and Recreational Equipment and Supplies and Accessories$157,793,583.33
Mining and Oil and Gas Services$76,846,852.47
Live Plant and Animal Material and Accessories and Supplies$59,519,347.63
Mining and Well Drilling Machinery and Accessories$21,905,822.10
Farming and Fishing and Forestry and Wildlife Machinery and Accessories$9,651,762.22
Resin and Rosin and Rubber and Foam and Film and Elastomeric Materials$5,669,638.14
Timepieces and Jewelry and Gemstone Products$1,416,846.99