About LobbyLens

LobbyLens correlates data about Federal Government business over the last 18 months. It shows the connections between government contracts, business details, politician responsiblities, lobbyists, clients of lobbyists and the location of these entities.

LobbyLens was developed at the Australian Government 2.0 hackday GovHack and judged the Best in Show. It went on to win 3rd place (Notable Mashing Achievements category) in the MashupAustralia competition

As mentioned by: Marc Moncrief—The Age, Bella Counihan—Sydney Morning Herald, Asher Moses—Sydney Morning Herald, The Hon Lindsay Tanner MP—Minister for Finance and Deregulation, PSnews, Ari Sharp—Sydney Morning Herald, Government 2.0 Taskforce—Getting on with Government 2.0 Report

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Open Source

LobbyLens is thankful for the resources that the Open Source community provides for conducting a project such as this.

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